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Movement, Meditation & Rituals To Integrate Mind, Body & Spirit.



As a knowledgeable and professional personal trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. Whether you're interested in improving health, enhancing wellness, adding muscle, or completely transforming your self inside and out, I will work with you to find the perfect path to your goals.

In addition to conventional fitness coaching I practice and teach the art and science of FitCraft - using magickal principles, techniques and exercises to integrate mind, body and spirit. Methods include mindful movement, listening to intuition and messages directly from the nervous system, physical strength building, training the will, personal ritual, beginner meditation and visualization coaching. I provide clients many options based across a broad spectrum of magickal practices including traditional witchcraft, Wiccan perspectives, High Magick, chaos magick, sigil magick, moon magick, and intuitive magickal workings  I look forward to connecting and crafting a plan specifically for you!


For Overall Strength And Power!

Kettlebell exercises provide a full body workout, particularly targeting your power center - your core and glutes. Swinging a kettlebell will really open up your solar plexus chakra! My kettlebell instruction will make you feel powerful and sexy with a training effect that will carry over to enhance everything else that you do!

Are kettlebells outside your comfort zone? No problem! I teach beginners techniques for safe and effective use of this powerful tool, including how to protect and strengthen your back. Launch your fitness to the next level and build tremendous strength with my kettlebell coaching!


Stability, Mobility, Flexibility

Your training will be more effective and enjoyable if it's organized well and appropriate to your goals. Proper form and the right amount of intensity are also necessary to give you the results you want while keeping your body safe. I take a joint by joint approach to your body. Stabilizing, strengthening and improving flexibility from the ground up!
I'm an expert in injury prevention and management, functional fitness and body building. I'll guide you through a plan that feels great in your body, increases your confidence and gets you energized and excited!


Power Your Body, Enhance Your Health!

When you're trying to do it on your own, nutrition can be messy and complicated. I'll help you navigate the labyrinth by making small healthy changes, finding the things that work for you, and establishing patterns to help you stay consistent! I'm familiar with proven protocols like keto, flexible dieting (IIFYM), intermittent fasting, nose to tail carnivore, and more! Whether your goal is to burn fat or add muscle, I can help you devise a plan that will work with your training to make you feel and look amazing!


Convenient For Active Lifestyles

Train in the comfort and privacy of your own home! I come to your home or office where I bring equipment or we use yours!
The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape without having to leave home.


Training anywhere, anytime!

Online training is a popular trend in the fitness world today. If you don't live nearby but still want to train with me, this is the option for you! I offer online training programs to get your strong and healthy on your own schedule, in your own gym. You get an app to help you view your training plan and track your progress!


Playful and Fun!

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but what you can do with it! Partner acrobatics will show you that with knowledge, practice and perseverance you're truly capable of amazing things! Together we will train your body and mind to find the right balance so you can achieve more than you've ever dreamed. What are you waiting for? Book a session today!

Changing your life is easier than you think. Contact me and lets get started!



My Story of Transformation

As a 34 year old adult who had just been laid off from my job I found myself obese, miserable and sick. I felt terrible and I was addicted to both junk food and cigarettes.
I was so stuck and lost. I had all but given up. I had lots of challenges at home and nothing seemed to be changing for the better. I have dealt with mental and physical health challenges throughout my life, but this felt like a pivotal moment.

​I decided to do something to change how I felt so I began moving as much as I could. I started running and I rode my bike more often. Eventually I joined a strength class, and started lifting weight. I fell in love with running after lots of trial and error and false starts. I found a race that I wanted to run called Warrior Dash and trained for it. This was the first race I ever ran, in September of 2010.

I loved the way I felt so I decided to change my life by going back to school to learn about Exercise and Movement Science. It was scary to change everything I knew and try something else entirely. I knew if I was really going to change I had to completely commit, and after completing a 2 year program at LCC, I started training clients professionally at a bodybuilding studio called Genuine Fitness where I had done some of my professional internships. I no longer asked myself what "active people" do with themselves, or how they got that way. I found a passion for discovering what I was capable of and I chased it!

Since then I have eagerly explored many different types of exercise and movement practices. I learned about Powerlifting and chased my max lifts for a few years. I started running and I spent a few years focusing on trail running and obstacle course races. I've run races and half marathons and learned about training for it in the process. I spent years working in a bodybuilding gym. I've coached a competitor to 1st place success in a bodybuilding show. I learned about Russian kettlebell training and hard style strength practices. I study and practice AcroYoga and partner acrobatics. I practice Yoga for both the physical and mystical benefits. I integrate training methodologies and practices from all of these interesting schools of movement into my personal practice and the way that I train my clients. I continue to learn and refine my methods and techniques constantly using the new things I learn. I've fallen in love with movement for it's own sake and I see the magic in it. All of its forms offer something valuable to humans. We must each find our own version of the spell that will manifest our changes. I am here to help you develop and craft your personal fitness spell. 

I’m dedicated to self improvement - spiritually, mentally and physically. I love to explore the connection I have to my own body and spirit through strenuous physical activity as well my connections to other people through partner exercise. I am also dedicated to health – my health, and the health of all people with special care to gender diversity, racial diversity, diversity in ability, and people’s individual goals. As a personal trainer I work in a body-centered, body-positive way that takes into account the unique desires and goals of each client as an individual. I take pride in offering my clients creative, safe, fun and effective ways to care for their health and their bodies. I know from personal and professional experience that when our bodies are well cared for, so many other things fall into place; our mental, emotional, relational and sexual health are also vastly improved. Our bodies are our temples and caring for them is our sacred responsibility. My goal as a coach is to help my clients craft sustainable and personal fitness rituals to empower them and enhance their lives.

When you train with me, we use full body and multi-joint movement to give you the best bang for your buck in the shortest time. We use powerlifting with squats, deadlifts and bench pressing to build strong, lean muscle. We use kettlebells and high intensity training to condition you and strip away fat. We use some bodybuilding techniques to help you look the way you feel - confident and strong. We do mobility work and injury prevention techniques to keep you healthy and safe. For clients seeking advanced movement, we can even enter into strength training for partner acrobatics, arial lyra and pole. I also give private Acro lessons and occasionally host AcroFit and Acro classes. 

For interested and curious clients, I gladly include training in magickal techniques and Hermetic principles. I meet you where you are and craft a gradual plan to that will challenge you and create the changes you desire. For some poeple, this is as basic as giving them tips on manifestation or the tools to start on a path of daily mediation. For more seasoned magick practitioners we can talk about spellcraft, shadow work, creative visualization, ancestor work, sigil magick, moon phases, manifestation, chaos magick, rituals including Wiccan and High magick. I can provide options that will fit into any religious practice or framework to create a powerful, confident and happier you!

My wish for you is that you feel empowered, supported and comfortable in your temple! If you have questions, please contact me using the form and I'll get in touch!




Avoid Injuries...
"Mike is focused on helping people achieve their goals and makes every session challenging and yet somehow fun. He helps push me harder throughout each session. Most importantly, he insures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. I never have to wonder if I’m doing it right!"

Michelle Richard - School Teacher

"Mike is a fantastic trainer very consensus [sic] of form and prior injury. Pushes limits and creates realistic personal goals based on you and not what other people are doing. It has been a slow and steady process creating a new lifestyle! He is fun and easy going to top it off but don't let that fool you he will drive you further than you think you are capable and I am so glad he pushed me and I am finally feeling and seeing the results !!!"

Jovonnie Lawrence - Fitness Professional

"I've had many sessions with Mike and have learned something new every time. He will push you to your limit if that's the kind of workout you are looking for. Since I've trained with him I feel better and healthier than I have in a long time"

Colby Wise - Medical Marijuana Farmer, Business Owner


"Mike is a great coach! He is thoughtful, creative and compassionate. He will push you but not expect you to kill yourself.
I have been struggling to find a trainer for sometime now and I feel like Mike is a great fit for me. I am really excited to train regularly. Mike has a great understanding of body mechanics as well as being a cool human being. He works well with people and respects everyone. There is no macho or threatening or egotistical vibe whatsoever and I cannot say how much I appreciate that. Thank you!"

Lara Livengood - Entrepreneur

"Working with Mike has been a fun way to reach some of my personal goals. If I'm having issues with certain movements or exercises, he listens and helps me tweak either my form or the exercise itself to accommodate. If you're looking to step up your physical fitness game, he can help."

Paul Schultz - Team RWB



Get in touch and start your fitness journey with me today.